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Yorkton Band Camp - 2022 Highlights

Special Thanks & Recognition

SBA Band Camps are successful because of the care, support and dedication of many individuals, community groups and organizations. 

Sask Lotteries, SaskCulture, NAC Music Alive Program and many others have helped to make the summer a success for Saskatchewan youth who love band. 

Thank you to the wonderful facilities that host our yearly camps.  The University of Regina, The University of Saskatchewan, and the Yorkton Regional High School in Yorkton. All first rate facilities that allow the camps to run smoothly.

Here is a list of sponsors for summer band camps, we greatly appreciate all of the support!

  • Creative Kids
  • Yorkton Band Boosters
  • Regina Catholic Band Parent Association
  • Regina Catholic School Division
  • St. Kateri school
  • St. Pius school
  • Deshaye school
  • Allie Atter
  • Julie Atter

The Yorkton Band Camp continued down the line in our incredible 2022 Band Camp Season! We had 32 incredible participants from all over the province join for an great week of learning and playing with our sensational line up of instructors! Throughout the week, the participants got a chance to participate in full band, small ensemble, sectionals, theory and private lessons!

During the week we had our infamous Wacky Wednesday! After playing in band all day, the participants got split into 4 groups to play all kinds of games and win all kinds of prizes! We have I-DO-ITS (top left), Bad Bass (top right), UMM (bottom left), and Banana People (bottom right).

On Friday the participants got to show off what they learned starting off with the ensmeble part of the concert. All the students had the opportunity to play in smaller sections than the full band. There were a total of 3 ensemble groups including Boss Brass, Jazzy Winds, and Select Ensemble. As you could guess from the titles we had a brass ensemble and a woodwind ensemble. The Select Ensemble was made up of the more advanced players, mainly in grades 7 and 8.

Next in the program is the Faculty Jazz Combo. The jazzy group consisted of Kristian Vogel on tenor, Graham Gilmore on trumpet, Joel Lareau on trombone, Chris Wallace on drums, and Samantha Ranger on piano. 

Last but not least is the Full Band, conducted by Adelle Sawatzky! They played incredible songs including Royal March by John Kinyon, which is a very fun march, Vulcan's Forge by Patrick Roszell, a very medieval sounding piece, Colliding Visions by Brian Balmages, an incredible conversation between melodic and playful, and Popcorn Prelude by Mike Hannickel, where each section got a chance to stand up and play and pop up like popcorn!

We had 4 incredible students win the Bob Mossing Youth Leadership Award at this camp! From left to right we have Lydia Parsons(trumpet), Gwendolynn Olivia(flute), Toby Reminek,(clarinet), and Reid Foster,(flute)! The SBA is so incredibly proud of all these students for showing their leadership and care for their fellow band members.

In Their Own Words... Quotes from Participants

What did you like best about camp?

"Learning new skills and intercating with new people"

"Masterclasses, Sectionals and Theory"

All the activities, new friends and the kind AWESOME instrucotrs"

"Theory and Full Band"

"Wacky Wednesday"

What's the best musical thing you learned while at camp?

"How to do the circle of fifths"

"How to articulate better"

"The best musical thing I did at camp was JAZZ!"

"I learned about major and minor keys"

"How to keep constant air so I have full sound"

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