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Member Resources & Supports

As a registered charity, part of the SBA's mandate is to support the ongoing development of bands and band musicians areound the province.  Resources found on this page or on specific sub-pages are designed to help us deliver on our charitable purpose.  

Many resources are publically available for use.  Selected resources will be available to SBA members only and accessibility may vary by membership level.  Membership in the SBA is open to everyone. 

  • Band parents - supporting young developing musicians - may wish to consider the Band Supporter level membership
  • Band musicians 18 years of age and older - may wish to consider our Associate level membership
  • Band teachers/directors - secifically those teaching school bands - are best served with a Professional level membership
  • Organizations/Groups - Band Parent groups & Community Bands - should consider our Organization level membership

To find out more about SBA memberships:  Join us

SBA Member Resources - General:  Click HERE  Log in to access

New Band 10, 20, 30 Curriculum Resources - public:  Click HERE

New Band 10, 20, 30 Curriculum - additional resources for SBA Professional level members - more coming soon

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