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Regional Enrichment Workshops

The Saskatchewan Band Association is pleased to be offering a new service to support youth band development.   Our new  The Enrichment Workshops are organized by SBA with the support of a local regional high school and can be offered after school or on a weekend.   The School provides the Workshop space and assists with promotion and identification of student leaders.  Mrs. Julie After coordinates the Beginner Workshops and Mr. Chad Huel organizes the Junior & Intermediate Workshops.

Beginner Workshops:

Beginner Workshops focus on providing primarily first year band students (generally in grades 5 - 7) with an extra-curricular opportunity to work on key developmental skills.  The workshop content is arranged by the Workshop Coordinator and senior Band students are engaged as leaders to assist in the program delivery at the local level. Beginner Workshops are offered for a nominal fee of $10/participant.  

Junior & Intermediate Workshops:

Both Junior & Intermediate workshops are each 2 hours in length.  The workshops are planned as a set of two - one in the fall and one in the winter/spring - and participants sign up for both sessions at once. The initial workshop provides participants with a focused master class style experience on their specific instrument to help further their individual musicianship. The second half of the series focuses on sectional & small group ensemble work.    Junior students will have been playing their band instrument for at least 1 full year (grade 7-8), while intermediate workshop level students will have been playing for at least 2 full years (grades 9 -10).  Workshop content and management is provided by the Workshop Coordinator and dedicated instructional support is provided by experienced university music education students.

To register your child in a Regional Enrichment Workshop near you, simply select the most suitable session from the events listed below.  There is a nominal fee of $10/participant for Beginner Workshops and a fee of $40/participant for a Junior or Intermediate  workshop series (both sessions included in single fee).  Fees are payable at the time of registration.

We are hoping to expand delivery of these workshops around the province.  If you would like to see or host a Junior Workshop in your region please contact Julie at or contact Chad at to arrange Intermediate & Senior Workshops.

Band Student JR Workshop Leaders

As Grade 11 and 12 Band students you have amazing talents to offer younger, developing musicians!  If you are interested in helping with a Junior Regional Enrichment Workshop in your area (or even in another region ) let us know.  

Want to help? Simply follow the link below:

Student Leader Application Form

Upcoming events

    • 25 Sep 2019
    • 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Bishop Lloyd Middle School - 5524 31 St, Lloydminster, AB

    The Saskatchewan Band Association, in collaboration with local band directors Ms. Anya Pogorelova and Mr. Colin Grant and the Bishop Lloyd Middle school, is pleased to be hosting one of our new Regional Enrichment Workshops for 1st and 2nd year Band students in your community.

    The Regional Enrichment Workshop is designed to provide additional instrument specific practice and instruction for students who are looking for extra support or a chance to simply practice a bit more.  The Workshop will be 4 hours long and delivered immediately after school to hopefully make attending as easy as possible.  The SBA's Regional Workshop Coordinator, Ms. Julie Atter, will plan and run the workshop with the assistance of local grade 11 & 12 senior band program students.  

    The Workshop will feature a combination of small group instruction, key instrument specific techniques and a short & fun "full band" wrap up.  Our goals are simple -  for every 1st and 2nd year band student to have a chance to further their band skills, have fun and maybe even be inspired by a senior band student along the way.

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